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Good Morning, My name is Jeff and I am an american living here in the Philippines. Normally I enjoy your broadcasts, but this morning is a different story. I represent a number of americans also in your listening area. This morning your DJ made a mocking comment while reporting the historical rem Glenmore embrance of Dr. Martin Luther King jr.'s famous and world changing "I have a Dream" speech. I find his comment appaling he said in a mocking voice "I have a dream and a dream is what I have." First of all that is NOT how the speech goes AND how dare he mock the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? I am not alone in my disgust I must tell you. Several other Americans are very angry as well as some educated Filipinos. I have noticed that some of your sponsors are American companies..companies that might not exist if it had not been for the dedication of Dr. King in his civil rights movement. Not only did he fight and achieve great milestones for blacks in America, but also changed how foreigners were treated. That includes OFWs!!! This is not how we are raised to treat our heroes in America. If you wish to DISRESPECT your own national heroes, feel free, but you must remember where a majority of your support comes from..the United States of America. Do I need to remind you the US ambassador is an African American? My son listens to the radio with us in the morning. I do not wish to raise him with this sort of attitude toward people who selflessly gave their lives for a cause they believed in, a cause that help millions live with dignity and respect. We are prepared to take this to the limit if not satisfied. we will contact your American based sponsor companies as well as others to report such a comment. Be aware of how many American celebrities have been put to shame because of such comments, as well as radio and television stations. If this country were not so dependent on American aid, media, social networks and money this would not be a big deal. If you choose to contact me my email is sidnymorrow@yahoo.com. I expect a prompt reply. In closing please remind your on air personalities to watch what they say. Offending people is not a good way to get ratings, sponsorship and listeners. We believe the media should have a large responsibility in what children might hear and repeat. Again my email is Sidnymorrow@yahoo.com Thank you

août 28, 2012, 2:36 matin GMT

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