Radio Player

The Tech Specs

When we started developing Streema, we knew that technology was going to play a big part - and so far, one of the most interesting technological challenges has certainly been the Radio Player.

The reason is that when trying to make "any computer" tune in "any station", you run into all sorts of compatibility issues. This happens because it involves a combination of: Operating Systems, Browsers, and Plugins; as well as multiple streaming formats: MP3, WMA, RAM, AAC+, etc..

Today we can say that we've built a pretty reliable player that works on the most popular computer platforms and that can manage most of the cases mentioned above, so that you can experience as many radio stations as your computer will allow you to.

Generally speaking, we recommend to use Streema with:

And to have Adobe Flash Player and Windows Media Player (Mac users, check out FAQ # 19) installed. For a better experience, when using Firefox or Chrome, we suggest to have the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin. Finally, in order to play more streams on Streema, we also suggest to install Real Player.

You can download all this software totally free. If you have any doubts, please, check our FAQs section.

The Usability Side

Additionally, we built our whole site so that the user can navigate it while still listening to a station. The web was not developed for streaming and surfing at the same time, unfortunately. But we thought the "show must go on" and that simultaneous listening and browsing had to happen... and it does on Streema! Today we're happy to say this is one of the reasons that make Streema a unique website with one of the better user experiences out there for radio listening.

The Radio Player in its current version is available on, the Facebook Application pop up player, and with a soon-to-be-launched Streema Widget. This last one will let website owners pick any station that's on our radio directory and then embed a simple code in their site that will allow their site visitors to listen to that radio.

You can read more about the Radio Player in our blog:

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